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Ruhanga Ishitwe


Ruhanga Ishitwe, Ruhanga Omwana  ( God our father, God the Son)Ruhanga Omwoyo Orikwera  ( God the Holy Spirit)Ruhanga Ishitwe, Ruhanga Omwana   ( God our father, God the Son)Ruhanga Omwoyo Orikwera   ( God the Holy Spirit)Halleluyah Twakushaba Omwoyo Orikwera   ( We pray to you Holy Spirit)Shuuma Oyiije Otwebembere  ( Come down and go before us)Nitumanya ngu […]


A contemporary version of this wonderful hymn by Marion Luyimba.
Church and Mental Health

mental health

In this episode, Fredah, a Clinical psychologist talks key issues concerning the Church and mental health.
God speaks through fashion


In this Q&A episode, we are joined by Raphael Kasule, a fashion designer to answer some questions from the book of Exodus and how art and design relates to spirituality.